We offer a wide range of Servicing options for all makes and models. For all new cars within the first 3 years of their life, a service at an approved garage is a must. Our approved garage make sure that your manufacturers’ warranty is protected all the time.


We currently have the following special offers running which offer fantastic value.

  • Small / Intermediate Service only - £70


  • Full Service only - £150


  • Mot and Service only - £99


  • Air Conditioning Re-gas only - £50


  • Brake Fluid change only - £25  (recommended every 2 years)


  • Computer Diagnostic - £20.00 (Car/Van/4X4)


  • Clutch and Gearbox Problems from - £250.00 (4x4  and Vans /Cars)


  • Pick up & Drop off Service.

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A regular car service ensures that your car is safe for you and other road users. A service will also ensure the vehicle is running optimally and improves fuel efficiency, prolongs the life of your car and can prove to be much cheaper in the long run. A badly maintained car is unsafe, inefficient and those breakdowns will all add up to a much larger bill than regular car servicing cost.


Your brakes are probably the most important part of your car. If your car is having a braking problem, whether it’s weak brakes, a mushy pedal, grinding sounds – whatever your brake problem is, you need to troubleshoot and repair it as soon as possible.


If your brakes are not operating at full efficiency, then your stopping distances will be vastly increased, and your safety, and that of other drivers, is at risk. PP.Autos use state of the art equipment to measure the efficiency of your braking system and have qualified technicians who can restore your brakes to tip-top condition. Call us today to arrange an inspection    

If you are not sure whether we can help, call us... 01978 851777