Clutch Replacements

Replacing a damaged clutch as soon as possible, prevents future damage to other components in your vehicle.

The easiest test to indicate if a clutch is worn-out is by monitoring the tachometer indicator, which will move erratically when shifting gear.


Other tests include smelling for burning rubber and jerking of the vehicle whilst driving. If you're unsure whether a clutch replacement is necessary, visit our workshop for a thorough inspection of the vehicle.


Same day car repair service at competitive prices.

Undertaking all aspects of car repair and maintenance,  P P Autos can assist you with all minor and major car repairs and part replacements. Our mechanics are specialised in the repair and replacement of automatic and manual gearboxes.

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All standard repair work is completed on the same day, fully guaranteed including parts and labour. We stock parts from a range of leading manufacturers including Luk, Adl, Valeo and Sach.

If you are not sure whether we can help, call us... 01978 851777